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Speaking to strangers STRIKES FEAR into everyone (well, almost everyone).

If you get asked to give a speech to a group of your peers, now what happens??  You get nervous, begin to sweat, and a knot forms in your stomach!! You are SCARED S*$%^&LESS !!  I know it did for me over 13 years ago.

It shouldn't be that way, not in the 21st Century where you can grab your cellphone and send a video, tiktok or IG reel to a million people at one time.


Let me ask you...
  • Are conversations with others difficult?  
  • Is it hard to have a difficult conversation with your partner?
  • Are you scared to speak at work, even to a small group of your peers?
  • Have you ever wanted to grab your phone to record a quick video?  Then stop because you think you will forget what to say?


ALL these situations are simple conversations, but without some training you won't ever get better at the skill of communication.

 When you know how to start then everything gets easier.  Let me be your guide to help you build your communication skills with my 5 Steps to Speaking with Confidence that I developed from 13 years of Toastmaster experience.

It took me far too long to move past these FEARFUL, UNCOMFORTABLE and TIMID feelings! Once I realized if I changed the way I thought about communicating, as in once I knew what I wanted to say and I knew I was adding value to my listener (I call it the MINDSET of SPEAKING), then my fear disappeared like magic.  That's when EVERYTHING CHANGED for me! 

Join my community and get my workbook today so that you can learn how you can squash your fear of communicating and speaking and start Speaking with Confidence !


in this workbook I will teach you the 5 Steps I have used for over 10 years to give presentations, record videos, develop and deliver speeches and trainings and have important conversations

Hear What Others Have to Say About The Wolfe?    

When I met Richard at our Toastmasters club, I had no real experience. I had nothing but this crazy goal that I wanted to be one of the best speakers in the world someday. When most would find it unrealistic, Richard just said, "Ok I'll help you." Because of that, I trusted him. When choosing a coach, I think there are 3 things that are needed and they are the intangibles, trust, support, and belief. He believed in me, as well as my dream, even when I didn't believe in myself. I trusted him, and he supported me every step of the way. He believed in my dream even when I didn't."

 Joel Dawson, DTM Executive Business Coach


 I have personally witnessed Richard’s development as a speaker, from his very first Toastmasters speech all the way through to his Distinguished Toastmaster recognition. Engaging, thought-provoking, with a dash of humor…those are the essences of his talks. The concepts and techniques he will be presenting to you are developed from his personal experiences and Toastmasters journey. He has also coached me a time or two, with his advice and thoughts resonating in my own presentations long after he first shared them with me. He knows his stuff and (most importantly) practices his preach. You will do very well to let Richard Wolfe be your speaking coach.

Scott Morgan, DTM, FIC

Other Topics I'm Passionate About


How we think and act is directly related to our MINDSET.  What we Believe guides our Thoughts.  Our Thoughts direct our Actions.  The Actions we take lead to our Results which will strengthen or weaken our Beliefs.  Join our community to begin improving your MINDSET today!


Money isn't everything, yet we all know it is better to have more than not enough.  What is your relationship with money? Is it healthy or unhealthy? How was money talked about when you were growing up?  Become a part of our community to begin your Money Made Simple journey!


If you're not married DON'T RUN the other way just yet.  Love your neighbor is a good phrase to live by.  Did you know your first neighbor is your spouse/partner?  As I look back on my life, I realize I did more to work on advancing my career than I did to advance my marriage. WOW! OUCH! 

Why is it that we often, not always, put more effort into other areas of our life than we out into our relationships?  Do you plan a date nights with your spouse?  Do you ever plan a weekend away?  Even a weekend at home without the kids is a great start. Join our community today to learn how to build Magnificent Marriages and Reliable Relationships that are achievable with effort and persistence!

Richard Wolfe aka “Wolfe”

I‘m an average guy with above average potential, just like you!!

I‘ve felt STUCK in life.  Doing all the right things (or so I thought).  Following the success guru’s ideas of reading, setting goals and planning, then working my plan.  DOES THIS SOUND LIKE YOU?   I was doing the work but not making much progress.

I was successful in my restaurant career but still didn’t feel like a success at home many days.  I felt like I could be doing better for my family based on all the hard work I was putting in!

Once out of that business (I started selling home security systems door to door)  I was able to see another side to life.  I had Sunday’s off. WOW!!  That was a big deal.  Then I was exposed to sales and sales seminars and a deeper dive into personal development, leadership, communication and speaking.

This started me down the real path of personal growth and working on myself more than on my job.

Today, as an independent insurance agent, Distinguished Toastmaster and Speaking & Personal Development Coach I don’t even recognize that 30 year old guy I used to be.  

I am still a work in progress, but I’ve made some serious progress in the last 14 years and there is much more to come.

Today in my 50’s I feel like I’m just getting started on living the life of my dreams.  I invite you to come along for the ride with me.  I have developed my 7 Pillars of Life Fulfillment PDF and plan to develop it into a full training and coaching program based on my 50+ years of experience which includes 30+ years of marriage and raising 2 children.

I believe my perspective and learnings will help guide you and start or reset you on a path to find and develop the person you've been looking for all these years.  You’re a good person and God has great abundance in store for you!

You can reach those dreams you've been dreaming for years yet haven't accomplished just yet! 

Let take the journey together!
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