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Richard here!

I'm a simple guy with above average ambitions!  Most of what I've learned has been  by taking action, making mistakes and searching for a better way.  Life experiences, books, coaches and mentors have been my  greatest teachers.

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Hey there! I’m Richard with The Wolfe Speaks and I’m just a simple guy who has a passion for helping people. I strive to help people see the silver lining in how much better we can be if we simply choose to see life as an opportunity, and in turn help them to grow and develop into the person they are meant to be! I want to help you CHOOSE to live your life with purpose, be intentional, and form a mindset that inspires yourself, as well as others around you, to be better versions of themselves!  WE HAVE A CHOICE, LET’S CHOOSE TO MAKE OUR LIFE GREAT!

In 1981, at the age of 14, my family and I moved to Lafayette, Louisiana from Greensboro, North Carolina, due to my stepdad being offered a new job as a helicopter mechanic, forcing me to have to leave behind all my family and childhood friends.  As you can imagine, this was quite the culture shock as a teenager and took quite a lot of adjustment over the next few years.  Now, almost 39 years later, I look back on it as the biggest blessing of my life!!


I am completely convinced that the people I've met, the things I've learned and the experiences I've had NEVER would have happened if it weren’t for that move!!  


Just after graduating high school, while in Technical College, I met my now wife while working at Western Sizzlin (WOW, showing my age here) and meeting Julie was a life change I never saw coming!!  Two beautiful children, and 30+ years of marriage later, I am thankful and blessed to have a Mom that was a protector and a step dad took a job as a helicopter mechanic and moving us to Lafayette, LA.  Lafayette has become such an awesome city to raise a family in. The culture is so rich with music, food, art and events. There is always a festival to be found and live music to be heard.  Not to mention the friends I have developed over the years. 


As of 2021 I am happily building a health insurance agency and personal and leadership development company, The Wolfe Speaks.  In regards to insurance, I focus mostly on Medicare Insurance with Life, Health Insurance (under 65) and Annuities as the need arises. Insurance is confusing! Lots of different plans, networks, co-pays, coinsurance, deductibles, etc., so my goal when visiting with a client is to take my time in helping them to actually understand what’s going on and to educate them on how insurance works. We talk about their options, ask alot of questions and identify any concerns they may have.  I treat my customers the way I would want someone to treat my parents, friends, and family!

As for the personal development side of my endeavors, this has always been a passion of mine that has kept me grounded and moving forward during the tough times.  Developing these skills didn't start until my late 20's when I came across a book by Steven Covey. I can look back now and see how important my readings of both the Bible and key books like The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and Think and Grow Rich built a foundation for helping me see past the changes and drama of life and how to keep moving forward in spite of challenges that arose. This gave me the mindset shift to best improve my life. 

As I look back to when I was 19-21 I wish I would have found a mentor that told me to focus on being a great COMMUNICATOR, building a strong growth MINDSET, learn to MANAGE MY MONEY and how best to build a MARRIAGE, which is why I chose to share what I’ve learned with you by offering online courses and workbooks on these topics as well as Sales, Leadership and Goal Achieving and I am loving every minute of it!

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Scarcity or Abundance. Fixed or Growth. You choose!

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It's not everything.  It does create more and better opportunites.

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Relationships are the key to a full life. the people in our lives make a difference.

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The Love of My Life Julie & I have learned how to Love each other better over time.  It takes effort and learning to be a better spouse.

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